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Govt Licenced Electrical Contractors
Testing Equipments

Powerline Engineers have always used the best  electrical testing  equipments available in the industry to provide accurate results and complete client job satisfaction.We do not rent equipment or supplies to complete jobs.
We proudly own the following equipment as mentioned below .....

Transformer Oil Filteration Plant  (250 Gallons)

Motorised Oil Testing Set for oil Di-Electrical Testing        

5000 Volts Megger   

2500 Volts Megger

1000 Volts Megger 

Earth Tester

Phasing Road / Hotline Indicators up to 33 KV

Electronic Slide Wire Bridge

Capacitance Bridge

Surge Generators 25 KV with including Pressure Testing

40 KV Surge Generators including Pressure Testing

 Fault Locating Siesmophone

Cable Crimping Machine upto 400 / 300 sq. mm.

 Multimeter (Digital)

 Tong Tester

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